Would you like to be anonymous where your boss, renters, mooching friends and family, and the government doesn’t know your business? Our nominee service keeps your name and contact information off public records by listing a nominee name and contact information instead of yours.

Why do I need it?

Wyoming does not require stock holders or directors to be listed with the state. However it does require the name and contact information of one person as the official contact for the company.

When your articles are filed with the state, the articles require the name and address of the incorporator and the name and information of a contact person. It is standard for Wyoming EZ Corp to be listed as incorporator. The contact person will be you or someone you want to serve as a company representative.

For the first year the contact is not listed on the state’s public website. However, anyone can call the state and ask for the contact information. Each year on your company’s anniversary you are required to file a simple online annual report. It requires you to list the name and contact information of a director, or board member, or officer, or an official representative of the company such as a nominee. Whoever is listed on the annual report is also listed on the state’s public website under your companies name.

If you want to keep your name and contact information private or the name and information of officers or directors off public records and private, you need our nominee service. It can be ordered using the Nominee Package or can be added to any Basic or Standard Corporate Package.

What does it cost?

Only $125 per year to protect your privacy.

Special EIN Free Bonus!

When you use our nominee service we will, at your request, get the EIN for your company from the IRS with us listed as a third party. This keeps your name and SSN off the IRS records but of course doesn’t keep you from having to report earnings and pay taxes.

Watch a short video with more information about Wyoming EZ Corp’s Nominee Service.

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