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Ashley, Candace, and Misty provide fast personal service, at an affordable price

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We are a family owned business and not some huge nameless corporation. When you use our service we consider you part of our family. Contact Our Experienced Staff For The Following

Regular C Corporations
Limited Liability Companies
Trusts – Including 1031 Exchanges

S – Corporations
Close LLCs
Professional Corporations

Close Corporations
Series LLCs
Non-profit Corporations

Wyoming Corporations or LLCs
only $199

All included:
  • Same Day Online Filing.
  • Wyoming Registered Agent Fee.
  • $100 State Fee Paid.
  • Preparation and Filing Documents.
  • Appointment of Initial Directors or Members.
  • Online delivery of your Incorporation documents.
  • Talk one on one with the actual office staff that forms your company. Many other services just send your order to whatever low bidder they are currently using in the state to form companies.

We Are a Full Service
Incorporation Center

Additional services available:
  • Virtual office business address for your company
  • Corporate record book with stock certificates
  • Bank account setup service (U.S. Residents)
  • Virtual office mail box forwarding service with online management
  • Virtual office telephone number with call forwarding
  • Nominee service for your privacy
  • Company EIN
  • Assumed Name

Why We Are Rated
The Best Incorporation Service

  • $69 Low registered agent fee. We are one of the lowest cost registered agents in Wyoming.
  • We hand deliver documents to the Secretary of State office. There is no waiting on mail service.
  • We make it EZ to form your corporation or LLC. Our simple online form takes only a couple of minutes to fill out.
  • Optional nominee service keeps your name off public records and keeps your information private.
  • A Wyoming business address for your corporation without mail forwarding is available.
  • Cheyenne virtual office mail address with forwarding in our beautiful office building. View and manage your mail online from your phone or computer for only $19.99 per month. An optional business phone line service is available.
  • Bank account setup, do you need a corporate bank account? Let us assist in setting up your account.
  • Use PayPal Credit and spread your incorporation costs over several months! We are an authorized site for PayPal credit.
  • The Professionals choice. We are the service professionals use for their clients. Attorneys, CPAs and other professionals from all around the world know they can count on us.
  • We will resale your company. Not sure your plans will not work out? We eliminate your fears of wasting money by selling your company. Aged corporations are in great demand and you could profit from selling your company.
  • Refer others and get a free vacation! No signup required. Just have them put your name in the referred by box when they form their company.
  • We accept major credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, and BitCoin.

Why Wyoming Is Rated
The Best State To Incorporate

Wyoming is the most business friendly state in the nation and has consistently been rated # 1 by the Tax Foundation in Washington D.C. in their report at www.taxfoundation.org

  • NO Corporate state income taxes.
  • NO Personal state income taxes.
  • NO Business license tax, tax on shares, or inventory tax.
  • NO Excise tax, franchise tax, or gross receipts tax.
  • NO Minimum capitalization. You can start your Corporation with one dollar.
  • NO Disclosure of shareholders and only one shareholder required.
  • NO Limit on shares of stock. Issue as little or as many shares as you want.
  • NO Requirement to hold any meetings in Wyoming.
  • NO Tax information is collected and sent to IRS.
  • NO Officer filing fee of $125 like Nevada.
  • NO Social Security numbers required from shareholders or officers.
  • Wyoming has close corporations with less rules and paperwork.
  • Wyoming was the first state to offer LLC’s. Close LLC’s are available.
  • Unlimited ability to issue stock, simply making the proper entries in your Articles of Incorporation.
  • Wyoming allows Nominee Officers and Lifetime Proxies.
  • Corporations transferred in from other states still retain their original incorporation date.
  • Wyoming’s fee is only $100 the first year and $50 for each year thereafter for corporations with less than $250,000 of assets located inside the state.
    There is no fee on any assets outside of Wyoming.

++ Nominee Privacy Package – Become Anonymous ++

Do you know there is a simple, legal, and inexpensive way to keep your personal information private? Everyone has heard of forming a company for businesses but that is also the perfect way to keep your information private – if you do it correctly and in the right state. You as a single owner, have total control.
One of our most popular services aside from forming business corporations is to help people with privacy.
We have put together a privacy package where we form you a private entity in the State of Wyoming using our nominee service and we keep all your information off State and public records.
This is in effect forming a new person with the name you choose (subject to availability) and has total privacy. Your new entity can do anything a regular person can do like buy and sell property, have investments, or build credit.
This is only available in Wyoming due to their strict privacy policies, allowing single owner entities, and our nominee service. You do not need to live in Wyoming or even set foot in Wyoming. Our privacy package works for anyone all around the world. 

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Total Incorporation Suite Including Nominee

Save $50 when you buy the complete incorporation suite bundle! You get a new entity in the name you choose. (Search here for name availability)
Included are:

Incorporation or LLC preparation and filing........$199
Privacy nominee service.....................................$125
Corporate Record Book with Stock Certificates..$120
Company Bank Account Setup assistance...........$75
EIN - Employer Identification Number...................$60
Total...$579 Save $50!

$579.00 $529.00
Privacy Nominee Package

Save $50 with our nominee package. We have bundled together our most popular items for privacy. You get a new Close Corporation entity in the name you choose (Search here for name availability) plus we keep your name and information off all public records using our nominee service.

Included are:

Incorporation documents preparation and filing..$199.00
Privacy nominee service.....................................$125.00
EIN - Employer Identification Number...................$60.00
Total...$384.00 Save $50.00

$384.00 $334.00
Corporation or LLC Setup and Filing

Get a new LLC or Corporation in the name you choose (Search here for name availability)

Wyoming Registered Agent Fee
$100 State Fee Paid
Preparation and Filing Documents
Appointment of Initial Directors or Members
Same Day Filing
Online delivery of your Incorporation documents

DBA – Assumed Name For Business or Personal

Do you need an assumed name for you or your company? We have you covered!
Documents preparation, filing, and delivery.
Secretary of State fees

Privacy Nominee Service

Would you like to be anonymous where your ex-spouse, boss, renters, mooching friends and family, and the government doesn’t know your business? Our nominee service keeps your name and contact information off public records by listing a nominee name and contact information instead of yours.

If you want to keep your name and contact information private or the name and information of officers or directors off public records and private, you need our nominee service.

Special EIN Free Bonus! When you use our nominee service we will, at your request, get the EIN for your company from the IRS. The IRS will require the SSN or ITIN of the person responsible for filling the tax returns on the form we file.

Corporate Record Book with Stock Certificates

We have one of the best corporate book kits on the market. It includes ledger sheets, stock certificates with stock recording ledgers or for the LLC it includes member certificates and a member ledger, embossing seal with your company name, and a CD with templates for bylaws, minutes, operating agreements, employee benefit plans and other common forms you will find extremely useful.

Company Bank Account Setup Assistance

We take the hassle out of setting up a bank account by contacting the bank, gathering needed information, and sending documents to the bank. Bank rules change continuously as does the bank personnel. Fortunately we are able to keep one or more banks willing to work with us in setting up your company bank account. We have our contacts at each bank and know what they need to open an account. We send them the paperwork and make it simple for you. > Available for U.S. Residents Only <

Wyoming Registered Agent Service

Need a low-cost registered agent that excels in personal customer service?

Save by having your company with Wyoming EZ Corp as your registered agent.

Change Your Registered Agent to Wyoming EZ Corp

Save by having your company with Wyoming EZ Corp as your registered agent.
Change your registered agent service from your current agent over to Wyoming EZ Corp - 1 Year of Registered Agent service included.
We handle all the paperwork changing from your current registered agent to Wyoming EZ Corp.

EIN – Employer Identification Number

Your new corporation or LLC will require an EIN from the IRS if you make money, have a bank account, or about anything else. An EIN is similar to a Social Security number but is for entities. We make it easy by getting it for you from the IRS.

Cheyenne Wyoming Business Address

The Wyoming EZ Corp Advantage – When you order any corporation or LLC, we give you the option of a low-cost Cheyenne business office address without mail forwarding for your company. For a small $60 yearly fee you can get a professional corporate address here in our offices. Your business address in Cheyenne will be listed on your articles of incorporation that are filed with the State of Wyoming instead of your home address. We will forward any legal mail from the state for free however this is not a mail forwarding address you can freely use. This option is imperative when you prefer to keep your business private and not list your home address as the business address. Your professional office address will be: “Your Company Name” 2232 Dell Range Blvd. Suite 245 Cheyenne, WY 82009 This service is INCLUDED in NOMINEE.

Cheyenne Virtual Office with Mail Forwarding

Get your virtual office mailbox at Cheyenne Wy and manage your postal mail and packages all online, 24/7 from anywhere! In-office mail pickup hours are 9 am to 2 pm mountain time.

Log in to your account with any computer, tablet or smart phone to scan, view, store documents, and have mail and packages forwarded to any address.

Free App for Android and iPhone. Automatic email alert for new items received and see a picture of the outside of every mail item with sender information for every item clearly visible.

On the iPostal1 site be sure you select us to receive your own personal suite number in our beautiful office building at 2232 Dell Range Blvd., Cheyenne Wy 82009 and get our great service. The addresses provided by Wyoming EZ Corp are strictly for mail forwarding purposes only and they do not authorize the use of the address to maintain a Registered Agent status in the State if Wyoming.

Friendly Personal Service Is Always Free!

Ashley, Candace, and Misty provide fast personal service online or by phone, at an affordable price. Email us at wyezcorp@gmail.com or call 307-275-0000 during normal business hours. Closed Saturday and Sunday.

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